Control4 have started shipping a new Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery and recharging cradle for their SR-150 and SR-250 System Remote Controls.  The ‘Remote Recharging Station’ became available at the start of April 2013. This retrofit battery pack eliminates the inconvenience of having to replace the 4xAA batteries.

The pack is designed as a quick, simple and easy retrofit for existing SR-150 and SR-250 System Remotes, the Remote Recharging Kit includes a sleek recharging station, a replacement battery cover with charging pins, and a lightweight, high-power-density rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Upgrades of existing remotes can be performed by one of our engineers or the end user with our remote *assistance.

The low-profile design of the recharging station means that it can be discretely positioned near the location where the remote sees the most use without negatively impacting the décor of the room, or just as easily secreted away in a nearby drawer or storage compartment. Customers simply place their SR-150 or SR-250 on the charging station when the remote isn’t in use, or when receiving a “Low Battery” notification.

The Recharging Station also features a charging indicator LED that can be adjusted to high or low brightness, or turned off completely.

* The system will require updating to version 2.4 to get the benefit of the charge status, we are not charging our existing customers for this upgrade.