Control in the Building

21st Century Home Automation has everything needed to integrate lighting control, HVAC, shading, AV, digital signage, and security & access control into your building and deliver a highly energy efficient building.

In the majority of commercial buildings the main energy consumer can be the lighting, 21st Century Home Automation can seamlessly integrate lighting control with your existing lighting system. The control and energy management system will provide an energy efficient building management solution, allowing areas out of use to be easily turned off or dimmed, a quick visual snap shot of the building usage can be seen on a mobile device, On/Off schedules created with ease and more….

At 21st Century Home Automation we can provide a individual room solutions, to comprehensive centralized lighting control installations, 21st Century Home Automation have the products, systems, training, design expertise and service to help support you through every step of your project.


Control in the Meeting Room

It can go much further than lighting at 21st Century Home Automation we have systems that can automate and interrogate HVAC, shading, AV, digital signage, and security & access control and more. All system can be fully integrated to co-ordinate combined tasks, meeting rooms can have the AV, lights and blinds all set to a viewing scene for a presentation from a single click or touch.


Energy saving and sustainability, we can make a difference.

21st Century Home Automation can provide the core products from basic lighting control to comprehensive systems for complete energy and facility management. Our solutions are completely scalable so you can expand as your needs grow.

  • Retrofit: Wireless automation is an ideal way to start making simple changes that lead to better efficiency, without making significant capital investments.
  • Ongoing Enhancements: 21st Century Home Automation brings lighting, temperature, and technology together so you can get accurate data and manage energy usage across the entire building.
  • New Construction: Optimal efficiency can be achieved when all building systems are integrated from the start of the project. Only then can disparate systems operate together as a single system, and when the building is complete, occupants can monitor, manage and control energy usage throughout the building from a intuitive user interface.


We simplify it.

21st Century Home Automation also provides design assistance services to architects, M&E consultants and specifiers that streamline planning and simplify execution. Our design assistance brings experience, proven designs and a structured approach to incorporate the control system requirements across electrical, lighting, mechanical, AV and IT members of the design team. It is the only way to ensure an integrated approach to design and implementation is achieved.


Solutions for every market.

We can deliver a custom solution for each customer no matter which industry or sector you are in.

  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Offices
  • Churches & Places of worship
  • Warehouses & Industrial
  • Community Centres & Halls
  • Leisure
  • Retail