Control4 Starter Bundle – A fantastic price of just £1,499 inc. VAT

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What’s included in the Price?

SR-250 Remote control

SR-250 Remote control

  • A Control4® universal remote control system, installed and configured in one room of your home by an authorised Control4® dealer:
  • Control4® HC-250 system controller including IR buds, IR blaster, serial outputs & audio out and also includes a MyHome licence for control by iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac/PC
  • Control4® SR-250 Zigbee RF remote control with OLED display and tactile backlit keys
  • Consultation and programming by Control4® authorised engineer
  • Installation within 30 mile radius of Nottingham or equipment supplied pre-programmed for your system with detailed connection guide and telephone support

What will the system do?

The HC-250 & SR-250/MyHome combination is an extremely versatile programmable remote control system. All of the home entertainment equipment in a room of your home can be intelligently controlled (eg Sky, DVD, Blu-ray, Freeview, TV, amplifier).

Just choose ‘Watch Sky’ from the remote control menu and the TV, surround sound amplifier and Sky box will be turned on, set to the correct channels and volume level. Switch to a Blu-ray? Press ‘Watch Blu-ray’ and your Control4® system will already know what’s turned on – it will turn off the Sky box, turn on the Blu-ray and change the amplifier input… you’ll be watching the latest blockbuster!

Our engineer will programme the system with the details (make/model) of your home entertainment equipment. Equipment can be controlled by IR, RS232 or Ethernet. The system will be tailored to your viewing and listening preferences, freeing up your time and your coffee table.

Is it possible to upgrade?

Yes! It can be much more than a universal remote control system. Control4® are leaders in home automation and when you’re ready, the system can be expanded to a full home automation system, controlling lighting, heating, ventilation, multi-room music, security cameras and much more.

For example, a small alteration to your lighting circuit (carried out by our NICEIC approved electrician) will allow you to choose different lighting scenes with your remote control.

With a MyHome (free trial available), the system can be controlled using your Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone/tablet and even a web browser when you’re away from home.
If you’d like to know more or discuss how Control4® might be integrated into your home or office please contact us. We’re always happy to talk and there’s absolutely no pressure to buy.

iPhone with MyHome

iPhone with MyHome

What’s the next step?

Please check the following requirements:

  • All the equipment to be integrated should be in one room and ideally no more than 2 metres away from the controller
  • The controller will need an internet connection. It’s best if we can run an Ethernet cable to your ADSL router for this. If that’s not possible the HC-250 has wifi built-in.
  • It’s always best to contact us with the details of your system before buying. We can discuss your requirements, check there are no compatibility issues so we can be fully prepared before we arrive. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Control4®.

We have a demonstration site in the Nottingham area with Control4®, C-Bus, Sonos, Heatmiser and more if you would like to see what Home Automation can really do!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us for more information.

Please Note: The price includes travelling to an installation site up to 30 miles from Junction 24 of the M1 (Nottingham). If you are further away there may be an additional charge for travel – please contact us to discuss. Prices include VAT.