Control4 (14)

How many individual rooms does Control4 support?

The beauty of a Control4 system is its scalability. You can start small with one-room control and expand to whole-home or office control. Control4 solutions have been installed in one-room flats to multi-room mansions to thousand-room hotel resorts.

I need help with some quirks in my system, who should I call?

One of our engineers should be able to provide the hands-on support for you and your system. Please call or email us using our Contact details where one of our members of staff will deal with your enquiry.

My house is fairly old but I am interested in getting a Control4 system. Is there a way to do this without remodeling my whole home?

Definitely. One of the unique features of Control4 is that it uses both wired and wireless technology, making it just as simple to install in older homes as it is to install in new homes.

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Sonos (11)

Do I need a Sonos control?

The Sonos system can be controlled by a variety of devices- an iPhone/iPad/iTouch running our Controller app, an Andorid phone running our Controller app, our dedicate Sonos Control, and/or any PC or Mac on the network running the Sonos Control … Continue reading

Can I connect Sonos to my TV?

The CONNECT has a line-level RCA input which can bring in audio from any device with an analog output, such as a TV. Once you bring a line-in source into a CONNECT, that audio will be available to any other … Continue reading

Can I connect more than 2 speakers to the CONNECT:AMP?

The CONNECT:AMP is designed for a single pair of speakers- it is a stereo amplifier, right and left channel.  However, if your speakers are rated at 8 ohms, you can wire up to 2 pairs, or 4 speakers, to one … Continue reading

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