Control4 (14)

I’ve heard that Control4 can help me save energy but how?

There are dozens of ways to save energy throughout your home with Control4. Lights dim and turn off automatically, heating and cooling can be managed to save kilowatts and £’s, shades can be drawn to keep the house cooler in … Continue reading

Do I have to use my TV as the interface to select music, listen to the radio, control my lights, etc.?

No not at all. We provide you with a variety of ways to manage and control your system: a remote control for your TV, a variety of in-wall or table top touch panels (that feature intercom capability), a smart-phone or … Continue reading

Can I watch different sources (TV, DVDs, etc.) on different TVs at the same time in my home using Control4?

Yes. Depending on the way your system is designed you could watch a different source on every TV in your home. This would normally require one of our Video Matrix solutions.

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Sonos (11)

What is the difference between the CONNECT(ZP90) and the CONNECT:AMP(ZP120)?

The CONNECT is an un-amplified unit designed to run into an existing amplifier or receiver as a music source. You simply run an audio cable from an output on the CONNECT into an input on your existing equipment. The CONNECT … Continue reading

What’s the difference between the PLAY:3 and PLAY:5?

The PLAY:5 is a great fit for the larger, more open rooms in your home, or the rooms where you do the majority of your listening and entertaining. It has noticeably better bass response that the PLAY:3 and, in general, … Continue reading

Do I need a bridge?

Sonos needs one component connected to your router with an Ethernet cable to create the Sonos wireless network. Any player (PLAY:3, PLAY:5, CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP) or a BRIDGE can make this hard-wired connection. If you don’t want to hard-wire a player … Continue reading

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