Control4 (14)

Can I listen to different audio sources (CDs, Radio, Streamed Media etc.) in different rooms in my home at the same time?

Absolutely. We can design your Control4 system to create a robust Multi-Room Audio solution making it convenient and easy to play different music in any or all rooms of the house. Of course, with Control4, you can also add other … Continue reading

How many individual rooms does Control4 support?

The beauty of a Control4 system is its scalability. You can start small with one-room control and expand to whole-home or office control. Control4 solutions have been installed in one-room flats to multi-room mansions to thousand-room hotel resorts.

I need help with some quirks in my system, who should I call?

One of our engineers should be able to provide the hands-on support for you and your system. Please call or email us using our Contact details where one of our members of staff will deal with your enquiry.

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Sonos (11)

Will Sonos work with my existing equipment?

The CONNECT is designed specifically to integrate with an external amplifier/receiver, and bring Sonos functionality to a third party system.

Do I need a Sonos control?

The Sonos system can be controlled by a variety of devices- an iPhone/iPad/iTouch running our Controller app, an Andorid phone running our Controller app, our dedicate Sonos Control, and/or any PC or Mac on the network running the Sonos Control … Continue reading

Can I connect Sonos to my TV?

The CONNECT has a line-level RCA input which can bring in audio from any device with an analog output, such as a TV. Once you bring a line-in source into a CONNECT, that audio will be available to any other … Continue reading

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