Our multi-room video packages allow you to centralise all your video sources (e.g. Sky/Virgin receivers, Blu Ray player, DVD player) in one room and watch them on any TV or projector in your house without loss of quality (even high definition 3D 1080p).

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How does it work?

8x8 HDMI Video Matrix

An 8×8 HDMI Video Matrix

System remote control

System Remote Control

At the heart of the system is a device called a video matrix. All video sources (e.g. Sky/Virgin receivers, Blu Ray player, DVD player) connect to the video matrix and send picture and sound to all your TVs/projectors. The TV and video matrix are linked using either Cat5/6 computer network cables or standard HDMI cables for shorter distances.

In order to turn the equipment on/off and instruct the matrix to send the desired programme to the correct TV/projector, a system-controller is required. We use Control4 system-controllers which offer great value for money as well as industry leading power and reliability.

There are two ways to control the system. Either choose one of our easy-to-use remote controls or, if you prefer, with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Whichever you choose, it’s really easy to control all your video equipment from one device – no more coffee tables full of remotes! For example, just choose ‘watch > Sky’ from the menu and your TV will turn on, the centrally-located Sky box will turn on and the video matrix will send the programme from Sky to your TV.

Example of 4x4 video matrix

Example of a 4×4 video matrix

Pricing – stand alone bundle example

Our multi-room video starter bundles offer great value for money and include generous discounts.

Prices start from £2,550+VAT

  • 1 4×4 video matrix (connect up to 4 sources and send to up to 4 TVs/Projectors)
  • 4 HDMI over Cat5/6 extenders
  • 8 HDMI cables
  • 1 Control4 HC250 home controller
  • Control with MyHome allowing unlimited smartphones, tablets and computers (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/some Android phones/Mac/PC)
  • Commissioning and programming of the matrix and system controller and integrating with existing video sources and TV/projectors

Please contact us for a free quote tailored to your specification. Have a look at our whole-home automation price guide for more examples of pricing.

What’s not included:
Racking, multiway extension leads, or running cable to each TV from the equipment location. We’d be happy to provide a competitive quote for running the cables or we can advise your electrician. TV/projects or video sources although we’re happy to supply them or advise what to get.

Note about TVs/projectors and video sources:
It’s usually possible to include existing TV/projectors and video sources like DVD players and Sky boxes in the system. However, some makes and models are better suited to system integration than others. We can advise whether your existing equipment is suitable and advise appropriate replacements if it’s not.

Hints and tips:

Because cables have to be installed from the video matrix to each TV/projector, multi-room video distribution is usually only suitable for new house builds or houses which are being renovated/rewired.

Where possible, locate the video equipment in a room or cupboard that is centrally located in the house. This minimises cable lengths and means it’s more convenient for changing a Blu Ray or DVD disc.

Questions and answers:

Q. Can I watch the same programme on more than one TV?

A. Yes, all TVs can view the same source.

Q. Can I watch different programmes on different TVs with one Sky/Virgin box?

A. No, additional room boxes would be required, these can be located centrally though.

Q, Can I still watch freeview or freesat on my TV?

A. Yes.

Whole house examples

To get a feel for the cost of a whole house automation solution which includes lighting, audio, video and heating control please go to our whole house Budget Pricing page